How to use handcuffs during sex?

Handcuffs are a popular seduction tool for many couples. We can’t explain how they got out of their usual contexts. Here is how to use them properly. 

Choosing the right handcuffs and the context in which to use them

Before using any product, you need to get the best one available on the market. This is the first thing you need to do. Standard handcuffs are made of steel. However, they are not comfortable enough to put the partner at ease. This could hinder his or her movements or cause pain. For this reason, it is more interesting to choose padded handcuffs. They will prevent any pain in the wrist. If pain is the goal, the choice is no longer an issue. 

Once the handcuffs are chosen, they can be used in different contexts. But they are often used at the beginning of the sexual relationship during the foreplay stage. The partner can already handcuff his or her spouse and have full control of his or her body. He or she can then give him or her a blow job or cunnilingus and caress him or her at will to make him or her cum. In an even more intoxicating context, the handcuffed partner must have the task of satisfying her spouse. The fact of having the hands tied creates greater desires. 

How to attach handcuffs ?

One thing is to choose the handcuffs, another is to define in which context to use them, but the most important thing is to know how to tie the handcuffs. During a sex game where you want to dominate your partner, it is often interesting to leave no room for movement to your partner. For this reason, it is recommended that when using handcuffs to tie the hands backwards. This is the ideal position. 

The partner who is not handcuffed can do whatever he wants and increase the libido or the excitement of his partner. However, care must be taken to follow safety guidelines when using handcuffs, and to use them with the consent of the partner while setting rules that must not be exceeded.